City Council Approves Minor Home Repair Program for Excelsior Springs

August 15, 2022, Laura Mize of the City of Excelsior Springs Community Development Department presented a resolution to City Council Monday evening regarding a partnership between the city, Rebuilding Together KC, Inc., and Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. to provide a minor home repair program for the City of Excelsior Springs.  

The program will be funded by American Rescue Plan funds and will allot $10,000 to each organization to be used for repairs or modifications on residential properties within city limits for those who qualify.  Rebuilding Together KC, Inc. and Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. will sign agreements with the city to provide the program for one year.  At the end of the agreement term, each organization will present a report detailing the projects that were completed within the city. 

The Minor Home Repair program uses a proactive approach to help homeowners mitigate code violations and abate hazardous mobility situations, which increases the safety and economic vibrancy of neighborhoods and helps to avoid costly calls for city services such as 911 Rescue services.  This type of program has been identified as a best practice by the National League of Cities and Communities for All Ages as an effective affordable housing strategy that also allows homeowners to age in place. 

Services will include fixing home to abate code violations, modifying homes to meet the mobility and access needs of homeowners, and home repairs such as HVAC repair/replacements, abating dangerous electrical issues and repairing unsafe flooring.  Rebuilding Together KC, Inc. and Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. will use their existing application process to determine eligibility for the program.

City Manager, Molly McGovern was asked about the program and stated, “Our Neighborhoods Division is looking for ways to address the need to improve neighborhoods and protect the investments people have in their homes.  These are two great programs and we are looking forward to seeing great results.”

City Council unanimously approved the resolution, which went into effect on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. 

Anyone with questions about this program may call Laura Mize in the Community Development Department office at 816-629-7011.

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