Citizens Pray for Community Healing on Siloam Mountain

Over 50 citizens gathered in prayer for the community on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at Siloam Mountain Park. Photo by Jason Cole.

The rare violent and traumatic events that have happened to the Excelsior Springs community in the last three weeks is taking its toll on local citizens and emergency responders. That is why a group of local mothers opened the invitation for the community to join them during their regular prayer time. Over 50 citizens met to express concerns and lift up those suffering to God in prayer. The gathering provided local citizens, including State Representative Doug Richey and City Councilman Mark Spohn, an opportunity to speak to recent events and pray for families involved.

Sherie Renne speaks to the group of citizens gathered in prayer for Excelsior Springs. Photo by Courtney Cole

Speaking for the group, in the Excelsior Citizen Facebook Group after the event, Prayer Organizer Sherie Renne stated, “Several different individuals from different churches gathered tonight to pray over our community.There was a collective desire expressed for more inter-denominational prayer so I promised to create a group on Facebook to allow further connection. Please feel free to join and follow future community prayer meet ups. Click here to visit the group.

More community events for unity are currently being discussed.

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