Citizen Spotlight: Scott Schwab and Gannon Boone

Gannon Boone and Scott Schwab support Excelsior Springs with their whole hearts (photo S Jason Cole).

Scott Schwab and his son Gannon Boone work together each day to make a positive impact on the community of Excelsior Springs. The father/son duo at Farmer’s Insurance enjoys helping community members whether it’s through their work or just by volunteering their time. Although it’s a bit unusual, Scott says he’d rather get out and try to help people prevent accidents from happening rather than wait for them to happen. As someone who was a part of the Lawson Fire Department for many years, Scott said helping people is his passion. “I do what I do because I enjoy helping people, I really do,” he said. 

Before jumping into the insurance game, Scott had worked in the agricultural industry and said that he felt like he missed out on most of Gannon’s formative years, “I missed so much, pretty much his whole middle school and high school career, and I decided I can’t do that to the girls too,” said Scott. Gannon graduated from ESHS in 2016 and then joined his dad in 2020 working to make life for their neighbors and clients a little better. He said it’s a joy to come to work each day knowing he’s helping to grow a family business and to be able to team up with his dad to make a difference. The two work well together and enjoy getting out to serve their neighbors and customers. “When we had that tornado come through we were out there pole saws, chainsaws, and I was in my Bobcat trying to help people clean stuff up,” said Scott, “we’d give the shirts off our backs just to help somebody through a bad situation.” 

For Scott, one of the biggest perks of running his own business is the freedom it allows him to be a part of the schools, helping young people succeed. Scott’s mother was a teacher for many years and now his brother Rick Schwab is an administrator at Excelsior Springs High School. Rick is also the head wrestling coach and brought Scott on to help bolster the coaching staff. Scott said it was a little bit of chance that landed him in the role of head coach of the girl’s wrestling team at ESHS. “When I started coaching, they had just sanctioned girls wrestling in the state of Missouri. I have a big passion for Title IX. With two girls of my own, I’m very big on making sure girls have equal treatment,” he explained. He says coaching the sport of wrestling is fun, but he really enjoys making a connection with his athletes and helping them through problems no matter if they’re school or home related. “I hate seeing kids suffer and if I can do anything to help them, I will,” he said.

A photo from 2017 shows Scott his wife Kellie and their children, Gannon, Scottie Jo, and Rikkie Renee (submitted photo).

Whether it’s on the job or out in the community, Scott and Gannon said they’re here to treat everyone like family. “When you walk in our door, I want you to know that we are here to help and we’re going to take care of you,” said Scott.

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