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Citizen Spotlight: Brandon Block

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Brandon Block and his five children.

Brandon Block and his family moved to Excelsior Springs from Iowa when his father was appointed lead pastor at ES first in 1995. Brandon, who was a sophomore in high school at the time, said his father was called to help the community from the moment he arrived. In 2001 Brandon became involved with the music and youth ministry at ES First and in 2013 moved into a position as an associate pastor serving alongside his father. This past June, after his father passed away, Brandon was named lead pastor at ES First.

Brandon says it’s important for him to show his commitment to the citizens of Excelsior Springs beyond the physical confines of ES First. The food ministry at ES First, “City Love” will resume on January 22 and continue throughout the year on the fourth Saturday of each month. Under Brandon’s leadership, ES First is also continuing their outreach to the homeless through their “2nd Mile” program and Brandon says they are excited to be working with parishioner Kelly Anderson to help provide housing for the homeless through the Eden’s Village project. Brandon says he’s also tried to make himself available to the community through virtual meetings and worship during COVID restrictions. “I want to be able to do things that are outside of our event space,” said Brandon.

The person who nominated Brandon for the Citizen Spotlight said, “He gives his all, helps anyone, has an attitude of determination that won’t stop. You want someone on your side when things get difficult he is your man.” When asked if he had any words of advice to the community Brandon revealed his feelings of determination, “Don’t ever give up, life is full of peaks and valleys and it’s important to just keep ascending because God’s dreams and desires for you are more than you can ever imagine.”

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