Chemistry Students Experiment with Community Project

Ms. Hankins (far right) and her Chemistry II crew (submitted photo).

The Chemistry II classes at Excelsior Springs High School have been working on a project exploring the connection between climate change and food. Danielle Hankins, Science Department Chair had each group of students develop their own research question and a product, in this case, an infographic, that demonstrates the evidence for their claim. The students were also asked to determine their target audience who they felt would benefit from their research. Ms. Hankins and her students reached out to the Excelsior Citizen and asked us to share their projects with our community as a way to help keep you informed about the correlations between our changing environment and our food supply. We’re proud of their hard work and we hope you’ll offer them your encouragement through constructive feedback, and comments!

The Dangers of Pesticides!

Kelsey Coleman, Lauren Mueller, and Mateya Figueroa

Minimizing Pesticide Residue

Blake Barber, Tyson Solberg, and Karli Shipman

How Preservatives Affect Food

Sydney Jarvis and Lucas Dillman

Extreme Flooding and the Effects on Corn

Brock Dale Cloey Simmons

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Chloe Booker, Natelly Boulware, and Hannah Parsons

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