Career Center & Athletic Training Additions Halted

Dreams of a new athletic training center as well as several program additions to the career center have been placed on indefinite hold

Due to financial constraints, and rising construction costs, the proposed plan for a new field house and three new program additions at the Excelsior Springs Area Career Center have been placed on indefinite hold. Originally, the district planned to add program tracks in welding, law enforcement, and teacher training as well as a new weight room, and a facility for physical and occupational therapy utilizing grant funding of $900K. However, construction costs exceeded the original budget of $2.2 million, with bids coming in at over $4.2 million.

Instead of the added programs and new buildings at the high school, the school board plans to focus on the construction of a new downtown elementary school. In the meantime, acting superintendent Jaret Tomlinson said the district would work to make upgrades to the Career Center’s facade, restroom facilities, and exterior concrete work. While program additions may be reevaluated at a later date, the school board noted that they may not be feasible due to high construction costs. The weight room facilities will also receive some upgrades, with a focus on resurfacing the flooring and purchasing new weights. Tomlinson said the school district will continue to concentrate on improving facilities within its budget.

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