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Ava Donegan 17-Year-Old Who Helped Wounded ESPD Officer Honored

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by S Jason Cole

Ava, third from left, poses with her family after the awards ceremony (photo S Jason Cole).

November 17, 2022 – The Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Excelsior Springs Missouri Police Department, and City of Excelsior Springs recognized the young hero, Ava Donegan who assisted ESPD Officer Andrew Stott who was shot in the line of duty. Sheriff Will Akin and ESPD Police Chief Gregory Dull both presented Ava challenge coins from their organizations. Challenge coins are traditionally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievements by a member of their unit. Mayor Powell read a proclamation and also presented Ava with a $2,000 scholarship from Chuck Anderson Ford. Ava, a high school senior, said she had already planned to pursue a degree in the medical field after graduation. After the presentation of the awards, Ava received a standing ovation from the audience.

As reported last month, Late in the afternoon of October 1, 2022, Excelsior Springs Missouri Police Officer Andrew Stott was shot twice before another Excelsior Springs officer shot and fatally wounded the suspect in the incident. The exchange of gunfire took place at one of the busiest intersections in Excelsior Springs, Kearney, and Crown Hill roads. Ava, an Oak Park High School student, and her friend were stopped at the intersection when the shooting took place. Officer Stott ran to the vehicle Ava was in after he got shot. She did not know whether more bullets would fly, but she could see he needed help. He had been shot in the right arm and the left hand. Officer Stott pointed out where his tourniquet was on his outer carrier vest. Ava helped him retrieve it and put it on his wounded right arm. Because of his injuries, he could not use his radio, so Ava pressed his radio button so he could tell dispatchers what happened. Finally, she helped him take off his outer vest so he could receive medical treatment.

From Excelsior Springs and the Excelsior Citizen, thank you again to Ava for showing such bravery in the face of danger!

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We keep the local news free thanks to advertisers and individual contributions!

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