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Altered Trend Boutique and Tanning Salon Holds Grand Opening

Altered Trend Boutique

Friendships can form in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, these connections take root through shared experiences, and sometimes, they sprout through the people we hold dear. This is precisely how the friendship between Amanda McAtee and Elizabeth Sapp came to be. With their sons being inseparable since the first grade, Amanda and Elizabeth have had plenty of opportunities to get to know one another, thanks to countless athletic events and games they attended to cheer on their boys. Now that their sons are high school seniors, Amanda and Elizabeth have not just been sitting in the bleachers; they’ve embarked on an entrepreneurial journey together.

Juggling the complexities of busy family lives and having their own full-time jobs, both women decided to blend their passion for business with the aim of creating something unique. The result was “Altered Trend,” a combination tanning salon and boutique, that they co-founded in the charming town of Lawson, Missouri.

The boutique has been met with remarkable success in Lawson, allowing the duo to open a second location in Excelsior Springs. This new location doesn’t merely offer clothing, shoes, and accessories. They have also outfitted it with nine state-of-the-art Ergoline tanning beds— a brand that has led the world tanning industry for over three decades. These beds offer an unparalleled tanning experience. The salon is complete with three levels of tanning intensity, a spray tanning booth, and even airbrush spray tanning. With high-powered lamps and specialized features, they promise a deep, seamless tan.

If you’re interested in learning more about this booming business, Altered Trend has an active Facebook Page under the name “Fahrenheit Tanz,” where they regularly post updates and promotional details.

The Excelsior Springs location, situated at 1224 Jesse James Rd, was previously home to Greystone Cleaners, the building’s original tenant. The grand opening event was held on Saturday, August 26, 2023 and was nothing short of spectacular. The day was marked by the presence of local vendors like Sweet’s Custom Designs, Butterfly Bakery, Green Compass, and Younique, to name a few. Stevie Ray’s BBQ Food Truck added the culinary flavors to the celebratory event. With the participation of various other local businesses such as Scentsy, Trout Road Treasures & Sweets, Lawson Nutrition, Thirty-One, Kaithlyn’s Kraft Korner, Reclaimed Roots Craft Shack, and Hunter Family Farm, the event offered a wonderful local festivity.

From sports moms to co-founders of a growing business, Amanda McAtee and Elizabeth Sapp demonstrate that success often lies in the relationships we value and the risks we are willing to take. Their story serves as an inspiration to all those juggling family commitments while daring to dream big! Follow their Facebook Page and Facebook Group to stay up to date on all they have to offer!

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